Find New Clients and Grow Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Whether it’s making a first impression, encouraging repeat business or keeping employees healthy, cleanliness plays a vital role in the success of a company. Salesgenie can help you find businesses, schools, gyms, convention centers and more for your commercial cleaning business.
Commercial Cleaning Professionals use Salesgenie to:
  • Target large companies by employee size and square footage

  • Find potential businesses by industries, such as doctor offices, dentists, gyms, and schools

  • Locate nearby businesses of existing clients

Salesgenie is working great for our sales associates.  The contact and employee information that is provided is very accurate.  I have seen an increase in new accounts and more effective marketing by our sales associates due to Salesgenie!

Mark Barbier

Use Salesgenie to:

Profile Your Best Customers
Salesgenie allows you to look up your best customers to identify their common characteristics and to use the same criteria to target new prospects.

Build Targeted Sales and Marketing Lists
Our comprehensive data and advanced search criteria will help you zero in on the perfect prospects for your business.

Research Prospective Customers and Competitors
Every business and consumer prospect features in-depth profiles giving you detailed information to make better business decisions.

Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Whether you need help designing your HTML and broadcasting your email campaign, or a simple postcard for your direct mail campaign, we can help every step of the way.